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Degamer-EXE RWBY shipping as of vol.3(Logical Ed.) by Degamer-EXE
Mature content
Degamer-EXE RWBY shipping as of vol.3(Logical Ed.) :icondegamer-exe:Degamer-EXE 2 5
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'Regi, the Peacekeeper'
                               "Regi, the Peacekeeper"
His name to them was Regional 1, the only known test subject of project "PEACE KEEPER" . They ones who created him were known as the Black Alchemists. He was created to bring their sick fantasies of world domination to life. Using advanced bio technology, they took him from the safety of the one he was supposed to call mother, before he was born. She did not survive the artificial extraction of her son. For seventeen years,  he was imprisoned in their laboratory. During that time they gave him what some would call super powers. Those included all power over electricity, the ability to heal himself and others instantly, invisibility to machines and scanners, agility, invulnerability, inhuman flexibility, telekinesis, and most importantly, a danger sensing ability.
:icondegamer-exe:Degamer-EXE 0 0
I love the fire works,
especially with their colorful quirks.
When you see them in July,
a whole bunch you will buy.
So, please be safe this summer.
Misusing fireworks will be a bummer.
because if you use them and mess up,
in a hospital bed you could end up.
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What Really Depresses Me
“What Really Depresses Me”
You know what really depresses me?
It is seeing a very old dying tree.
Do you want to  know what depresses I?
It is seeing the people I care about cry.
Would you like to know what depresses me most?
It is when people I count on cannot back up their boast.
Do you know what forces me to depressingly sigh?
It is knowing I will one day die.
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Dreams are what motivate every ballplayer and dancer.
Dreams are what inspire every poet and romancer.
They are what we see in the dead of night.
They remind soldiers of why they must fight.
You can do it with a blanket and pillow,
or on some tall grass in the shade of a willow.
We do it to enter a world unseen,
because a part of being human is to dream.
:icondegamer-exe:Degamer-EXE 2 1
When a child touches a candle and burns
a hard lesson of life he or she does learn.
Some say it is a dragons pride,
through machines we use it to ride.
It is the poewr of the sun.
It keeps noses warm so they don't run.
It is the source of pheonix's life.
Sadly, for forrest creatures it may often cause strife.
It helps us make tasty barbecue.
It ranges in shades of red, orange, and blue.
It is used to describe words for passion and desire.
This elements name is referred to as fire
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Get ready for my RWBY Oc's team ROGQ( Rogue)and yes I will justify why this goes along with naming rules set by Monty Oum.


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Hey guess what? I've got something extra special for you! I've written an insanely epic fan fiction story unlike any other! It's called "Wreck It Ralph SUPERNOVA!" If you're a fan of Wreck It Ralph, and many different games such as Skylanders, Five Nights At Freddy's, Undertale, Splatoon, Pokemon, Minecraft, Metal Gear, etc, along with many other series including Marvel Heroes, Star Wars, anime such as RWBY and Dragonball Z, and an amazing story with an incredible plot that contains epic adventures that awaits you, insanely hilarious comedy that'll make you laugh your head off, sad, romantic, sensitive, heart warming moments, over the top epic action packed fighting scenes, and so much more, then this is the story for you! If you wanna read the story then click here! 
BTW you've seen the movie Wreck It Ralph right? If not then I suggest you watch it before you read this story. Just so you know who the basic characters are. This story is actually a fan made sequel to the movie. Only it might be a lot more epic than the original movie! I think you'll really enjoy this story!
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